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GL&V Pulp & Paper Equipment

GL&V provides world-class technology and know-how to customers worldwide and focuses on providing premium after-market service along with selected capital equipment offerings.

GL&V's Pulp and Paper Group has rapidly grown to become a preferred supplier with a focus on section rebuilds, mill services, engineered systems and parts for the pulp and paper industry.

GL&V is committed to the highest level of responsiveness in the industry, using its flexibility to provide cost-effective solutions to its customers.

GL&V is the owner of the technology and tradenames of many well established companies that Bancroft Western works with including: Albia, Beloit Jones, Beloit Lenox, Black Clawson Kennedy, Canron, Celleco, Dorr-Oliver, Hedemora, Ingersoll-Rand Impco, LaValley, National Refiner Plate and Sandy Hill.




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