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Paper Machine Solutions

GL&V is the only North American manufacturer that offers a full selection of dryer heads and dryers in a complete range of sizes. With over 320 machines, over 20,000 dryer assemblies and 2,000 suction rolls in service throughout North America, GL&V's dryers and dryer components are renowned for their reliability and consistent performance with minimal maintenance.

The Hydra-Sizer uses unique technology to apply starch and other additives (pigments, fillers, etc.) on the wet end of the paper machine and can be retrofitted easily into an existing machine.

The VibreFoil™ is a revolutionary device for enhancing stock drainage and sheet formation. It is mounted after the forming board, and provides a tunable means of activity generation for all product grades and basis weights.

Product Line

  • Dryers Sections
  • Hydra-Sizer
  • VibreFoil


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