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The BelWind series of complete winding systems offers thoroughly researched, engineered and field proven technology for the needs of today’s papermakers. These machines have an unmatched reputation for ruggedness and durability and their characteristic modular design provides versatile and adaptable winders to meet the challenges of both papermakers and converters.

GL&V's Winder product line is further enhanced by the complete line of Cameron Knives, Control System Upgrades, and Rewind Systems.

Product Line

  • Annual Service Agreements
  • BelWind SF Winder
  • BelWind SL Winder
  • Cameron 1” Pneucut Score Knife
  • Cameron ½” Pneucut Score Knife Assembly
  • Cameron ½” Precision Slitter Lever Assembly
  • Cameron ¼” Cutter Assembly
  • Cameron 1000 Series
  • Cameron ¾” Wide Front Shear Unit Assembly
  • Cameron Assembly – Roller Grindstone Bearing
  • Cameron Belt Box for Mill Type Winders
  • Cameron Control Desk Upgrade for Duplex Winders
  • Cameron Control Desk Upgrade for Two Drums Winder
  • Cameron CT/MT Series
  • Cameron Genuine Parts and Service
  • Cameron Hydraulic Rewind
  • Cameron Hydraulic Rewind Control System
  • Cameron Hydraulic Short Draw Advance System
  • Cameron Hydraulic Valve Stand Conversion
  • Cameron Large Duplex


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