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With ownership of the OEM designs of IMPCO, Beloit, Dorr-Oliver, Eimco, LaValley, Canron, and Kvaerner, GL&V is second to none in pulp washing technology and expertise. Drum washers of every type, Twin Roll Wash Presses, Compaction Baffle Washers and the newest Kvaerner Compact Press are just a small selection of the products that can be offered.

​Drum Washer upgrades such as Low Emission Hoods, and High Efficiency Valve Assemblies have helped to improve the operation of the washers at many mills. Recent improvements to the IMPCO Twin Roll Press have added field replaceable screenplate and Anti-Rewet Inserts to this product line.

Product Line

  • Compaction Baffle Filter
  • Coru-Dek® II Vacuum Washer
  • Coru-Dek® III Vacuum Washer
  • Coru-Dek® IV Vacuum Washer
  • Drum Washer
  • Final Repulper Drive
  • Gear Case/Trunnion Oil Seal Upgrade
  • Intermediate Repulper Drive
  • Intermediate Repulper Upper Rotor Drive
  • Kvaerner Compact Press
  • LaValley Ultra Flow Discharge Valve
  • LaValley Ultra Flow Shower
  • LOX Hoods
  • Pulp Forming Machine
  • Pulp Washers
  • Split Expansion Joint Replacement Boot
  • Twin Roll Press Replacement Rolls
  • Twin Roll Press Roll Rebuilds
  • Vari-Nip® Twin Roll Press


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