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GL&V’s full line of cleaners from Albia, Beloit and Celleco offer a multitude of options in forward and reverse cleaning. We offer cleaners in compact canister and bank designs for virtually every application. GL&V's new Celleco Twister™ is the latest development in separation technology and is the only true 2% fiber consistency hydrocyclone on the market.

Product Line

  • Albia 1600 Cleaners
  • Albia 500/500 LD
  • Celleco Cleanpac 250 LWR
  • Celleco Combitrap
  • Celleco Tripac 90 R & RT
  • Celleco Twister™
  • Cleanpac 270 Centrifugal Cleaners Reverse
  • Cleanpac 350 Centrifugal Cleaners
  • Cleanpac 700 Centrifugal Cleaners
  • Posiflow™ Cleaners
  • Uniflow™ Cleaners


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