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GL&V's line of Beloit Refiners includes the DD3000, DD4000, DD5000 and their latest offering the DD6000 refiner. With Splined Hub technology offered as upgrades to the DD3000 and DD4000 (creating the DD3500 and DD4500) and part of the standard design of the DD5000 and DD6000, GL&V is the industry leader in low consistency refining.

Product Line

  • DD 4500 Refiner
  • GL&V DD®6000 Refiner
  • DD 4500 - DD 3500 OEM Upgrade
  • DD 4500 Refiner
  • DD® 4000 Refiner
  • GL&V DD®6000 Refiner
  • Integrated Motor Drive - IMD
  • MultiDisk™ Refiner
  • Programmable Refiner Controller - PRC-V
  • Refiner Plate
  • Refiner Rebuilds


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