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Thickeners, Savealls & Fiber Recovery

The BelAire Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Clarifier is can be used as a Saveall to recover fiber and filler in stock prep applications. The Celleco Tripac 90 R, Tripac 90RT, and Cleanpac 270 cleaners are reverse cleaners that can be used to thicken the accept stream from your primary forward cleaners, providing an option to conventional savealls. GL&V's complete line of Disc Filters offer a multitude of options in high-capacity thickening within a compact footprint. With Cassette Grid and Wellbag sectors, GL&V offers process and mechanical upgrades to the majority of these machines.

Product Line

  • BelAire DAF Clarifier
  • Celleco Tripac 90 R & RT
  • Centerdisc CDI
  • Centerdisc CDP
  • Cleanpac 270 Centrifugal Cleaners Reverse
  • DSM® Screen - Type 120°
  • Gorator® Macerator/Pump
  • Hedemora Gravity Deckers - GDX
  • Hedemora VDF Filter


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