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Hellan Strainers

Instead of trapping solids in a basket which then must be removed by frequent clean outs, The Hellan Strainer design removes the solids from fluid continually without stopping the flow.

Eliminates downtime for solids removal

The Hellan Strainer allows users to eliminate solids and debris from fluids without stopping the flow of the fluid. Processes requiring the fluid continue uninterrupted.

Employees are not exposed to possible contaminates

Debris that may include contaminates and hazardous materials is removed from the fluid flow without disassembly of the strainer. Maintenance personnel and other employees do not come in contact with this debris.

Minimizes labour requirements for solids removal

The Hellan Strainer reduces the time required to remove solids from the fluid flow. Manually operated models require only a periodic turning of the hand wheel to remove solids. Labour and cleaning time is usually less than 30 seconds. Labour requirements can be completely eliminated.