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Vibration Control in Vancouver - Novibra/Metalastik

Product Range

RA and Failsafe™

For effective vibration control on Vancouver machines with rotating movements.

RA and Failsafe™ Brochure


For the effective isolation of vibration and noise on different machines with rotating movements.

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The Cushyfloat mounting is an ideal general purpose unit designed to provide effective isolation of vibration and noise arising from many types of static and mobile equipment.

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SIM is a mounting for marine and mobile applications. The strong metal parts and the soft vertical stiffness combined with high stiffness in axial direction makes it suitable for suspension of marine engines both with and without thrust bearing.

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Cushyfoot mountings are suitable for the mounting of many different types of machines, such as diesel engines, generator sets, fans, hydraulic units and lift machinery.

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Vee Mountings

A high load capacity mounting with relatively large rubber volume which provides a high degree of vibration and noise isolation and makes it ideally suited for suspending engines installed in public service and goods vehicles.

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For the effective isolation of vibration and noise on different machines with rotating movements. Especially for 1, 2 and 3-cylinder engines.

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Type M is ideal for applications involving isolation of low frequency vibrations in all planes. Also suitable for shock attenuation due to the designed ability to give large deflections whilst providing passive vibration on electronic instruments, measuring equipment, test cells.

M Brochure

Equi-Frequency Mountings

General purpose low profile mounting for use where space is restricted. Suitable for non mobile applications. May also be used to protect delicate or sensitive from external shock or disturbances.

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A simple low cost mounting designed predominantly for the suspension of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.

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BA and Double U-Shear

Novibra® type BA and Metalastik® type Double U-Shear is equally suitable for isolating vibrations from low speed machines and equipment whilst also protecting sensitive and lightweight units from external shocks and vibrations.

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Metacone™ and HK

A range of mountings designed for high load capacity with relatively large static deflections. The high loading for a given size is achieved by utilising the rubber to best advantage in shear and compression. Suitable for both engine and cab suspension in mobile applications.

Metacone™ and HK Brochure

Cab Mountings

Specially profiled rubber section together with bump and rebound washers provide optimum suspension characteristics for cabs on commercial vehicles, tractors and other off road vehicles, earthmoving equipment and construction plant.

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Type EH mountings are designed to achieve effective vibration control on Vancouver engines, operator cabins and other ancillary units.

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Novibra® mounting type UH is particularly suitable for the suspension of both mobile and static cabins as well as platforms on agricultural vehicles.

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VP and UD Bushes

For vehicle suspension, pivot arms and all types of mechanical linkage, permits oscillating movement through the deflection of rubber in shear. Can replace roller bearings where small motions are required (up to 20 degrees). Reduces shock loads and noise transmission in structures.

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Spherilastik™ Bearings

Typical uses include traction and braking reaction rods for rail, road and off road vehicles, hydraulic damper fixings and other applications where a high duty bearing of compact size is required.

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Metaxentric™ Bushes

Similar to conventional Ultra Duty (UD) Bushes but with inner and outer sleeves offset radially. This feature provides a greater rubber thickness and hence increased flexibility in the normal direction of loading whilst maintaining control in other modes and still allowing torsional movement.

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Novibra® elements type SAW are heavy duty mountings for high vertical static and shock loads in compression, whilst at the same time providing high isolation values in the horizontal shear direction.

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Rectangular SAW Mountings

Widely used for suspending engines in road vehicles and may also be employed as springs for vibratory equipment.

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Circular SAW Mountings

May be used in a variety of industrial applications including vibratory rollers and small screens or for the suspension of smaller type I.C. engines.

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Novibra mounting type GK is specifically meant for isolation of heavy machinery with low interfering frequencies. It is widely used under concrete foundations supporting heavy machinery.

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Novibra AV Plate

The Anti-Vibration Plate is intended, primarily, for applications with low demands on vibration isolation.

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Type TF

Novibra® type TF with level adjuster is a modern machine mounting suitable for a wide range of free standing workshop machines.

Type TF Brochure

Type U

Type U provides for a stable machine installation and is therefore particulary suitable for the vibration isolation of heavier machinery with relatively high interfering frequencies.

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Type SE

Novibra® type SE is most suitable for the isolation of high frequency disturbances and also provides reduction of structure borne noise.

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Flanged Instrumountings

The Flanged Instrumounting protects sensitive equipment from external vibration and/or shock forces.

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The shock buffer type ANB is used to effectively damp movements of machines or machine components which need to be slowed down or stopped.

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Buffers are designed to protect structures and equipment from impact forces. They are usually fitted as non metallic stops or incorporated in vehicle suspension systems to provide progressive stiffening under increasing load.

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Novibra type VT protects wall-mounted instrument cabinets from vibrations and shocks generated by nearby engines and workshop machinery.

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Two Bolt Instrumountings

Two Bolt Instrumountings provide a convenient and effective means of isolating vibration generated by lightweight machinery.

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A supplementary range of cylindrical mountings for a wide range of applications. They can be loaded either in compression or shear taking into consideration individual demands for actual applications.

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The HA height adjustment facilities precise coupling alignment for engine installations and boat building tolerances.

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