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Aikawa Fiber Technologies Inc. (AFT) is the world's leading producer of customized screening solutions to the pulp and paper industry based on its advanced screen component technology and in-depth knowledge of pulp screening processes. AFT pulp screens are critical in ensuring the quality of the pulp for the production of high-quality paper products. Typically, AFT pulp screens are used in multiple stages to ensure both a high degree of contaminant removal and minimal loss of useful fiber and can be found in pulp and paper mills all around the world.

AFT has engineered the MacroFlow™ Screen Cylinder to maximize open area through the use of continuous slots without compromising mechanical strength. Key benefits of this design are higher capacities and better pulp cleanliness. Also, the MacroFlow™ offers excellent fatigue and tensile strength through a unique manufacturing process that provides 2 to 3 times the mechanical strength of conventional wedge wire cylinders. The MacroFlow™ also provides a smooth, burr-free surface that reduces the possibility of stuck fibers or string formation.

Screen Cylinders

110 years of screening knowhow. AFT has the experience on just about every screen type in the world, along with a very detailed applications database to go with it.

Screen Rotors

AFT is a world leader in low energy rotors, producing rotors for more than 400 screen models, with typical energy savings of 40% - 70%.

Refiner Plates & Fillings

Finebar plates began a revolution in ultra low intensity refining. AFT produces fine plate patterns that last even longer and building a global application knowledge base on how to optimize pulp quality.

Customer Testimonials

  • I always know that when I contact the team at Bancroft Western, I will get the information I need in a timely fashion. They are extremely knowledgeable about the products they represent and truly understand the concept of customer service. A great company to deal with.
    - W.J. (Bill) Davidson, Senior Buyer
    Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
  • I have worked with Bancroft Western and Al Parsons for the last 6 years with new mechanical equipment and refurbishing of existing equipment. I have been completely satisfied with the quality of work, timelines, knowledge, and the fast efficient service we at Zellstoff Celgar have received.
    - Murray Sloan, Mechanical Rebuild Specialist, Zellstoff Celgar
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