Inner Outer Sleeve

IOS Bushes & Rubber Bushes are used to allow torsional, radial & axial movements within a system, as well as offering vibration isolation properties. The rubber is pre-stressed to provide high durability under high dynamic loads. No lubrication is required and they are completely maintenance free.
Eccentric & Void Bushes also available on request.

Applications Include: Vehicle Suspension systems ,Pivots & Control Links, Mechanical Linkages, Cab Mounts, Engine Mounts, Off Road Vehicles, Agricultural Machinery, Construction, Military etc

Spheri Bush

Spherical Bushes are compact heavy duty flexible bearings, able to accommodate high loads and allow movement in both torsional and conical directions. No Lubrication is required and they are completely maintenance free.

Applications Include: off road vehicles, construction equipment, Rail Applications, Suspension Control Links, ‘A’ frame bushes.

Ecentric Bush

Eccentric Bushes are ideal for use as a robust engine mounting. The offset inner metal tube allows for high deflection in the vertical direction. They are available in various sizes.

Applications include: Rubber Mounts for Tractor Cabs, and other machinery Cabins. Engine Mounts, and General purpose anti-vibration mounts where a very robust solution is required.


Flanged Bushes are a simple design using the rubber in shear. A relatively stiff Flanged Rubber Bushing, able to accommodate high loads of upto 1100Kg and is ideal for isolating medium to high frequency vibrations. The product has a high radial to axial stiffness ratio and is therefore ideal for controlling horizontal movement. Using rebound & control washers will provide a failsafe mounting system.

Applications Include: Engines, Compressors, Vehicles, Radiators, Agricultural & Construction equipment

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