Captive Transit Mounts

Captive Transit Mounts


Captive Transit Mounts are designed with an integral overload stop which controls the movement of equipment during transit and provides a fully failsafe arrangement, suitable for both Mobile & Static Applications.

A universal mounting, popular in a wide range of applications. Cost Effective, High Performing & Easy to Install. The rubber is used in shear compression providing optimum performance and offers vibration reduction of upto 95%. The metal top cap provides protection from contaminants such as Oil & Fuel. Load Rating 20Kg to 4000Kg.

Applications include:- Diesel Engines, Generator Sets, Pumps, Compressors, Vehicles, and Marine Engines, Construction Plant.

Small Captive

Small Captive transit mounts, offer the same features & benefits as the Captive Transit Mounts, however being Small Captive mounts, they accommodate lighter loads.

Applications include:- Small Diesel Engines & Generator Sets, Pumps, Compressors, Specialist Vehicles, and Small Marine Engines, Small Construction Equipment.

High Damped

The High Damped Captive Transit Mounting offers the same benefits & features as our other Captive Transit Mounting range, however the particular item is manufactured with a High Damped Rubber, which gives better control (damping) of out movement due to out of balance forces.

Applications include:- Single & 3 Cylinder Engines, Small Genets Sets & Pumps, Compressors, Vehicles and Marine Engines, Construction Plant & Equipment.

Machine Support

Machine Supports are an ideal product for static machinery. Low Cost and easy to install. Providing isolation levels of up to 85%.

Applications include:- Diesel Engines, Static Generating Sets, and Heavy Industrial Machinery.

Heavy Duty

The Heavy Duty Captive Transit Mounts, are a more robust version of the Captive Transit Mounts, offering a 4 hole fixing flange, and thick metal flanges. They are ideal for heavy industrial equipment, and offer excellent levels of vibration reduction. These Captive Rubber Mounts have been used for Seismic Vibration Mounts for in earthquake zones.

Applications include:- Large Diesel Engine Vibration Mounts, Generating Set AV mounts, Anti-Vibration mounts for Pumps, Compressors Rubber Mounts, Vehicles & Vehicle engine mounts, and Marine Engines, Construction Plant.

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