Flanged Mounts

Flanged Mounts

Large Square

Flanged Mounts give high levels of deflection, providing excellent levels of vibration reduction and shock absorption both in vertical & horizontal planes. The Flange Mountings are a low cost & easy to install product. Stainless Steel metals and Oil Resistant / High Temperature rubbers are available on request.

Applications include:- Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Vibratory Screens, and Processing Equipment, Transit protection.

Flanged HD

Flanged HD mountings provide high relatively high levels of deflection, and are suitable for both vibration & shock control. This type of AV mount is available with either M8 or M10 threaded top hole.


Cup shock mountings are a relatively stiff product, ideal for applications where high frequency vibrations are predominant. The Cup Shock mount is failsafe and ideal for both mobile & static applications. The outer metal cap offers protection from contaminants such as Oil or Fuel. The design of this type of rubber mounting also allows the product to be used in tension, although maximum loads should be derated.

Applications include:- Military Equipment, Electronic Equipment, HVAC, Compressors, and Motors.

Captive Flanged Mount

The Captive Flange Mount offer the same features and benefits as the standard flanged mountings, with the additional benefit of offering a fail-safe option. Using a washer under the item, the product becomes fail-safe, allowing for shock loads to be accommodated.

Flanged Circular

Heavy Duty

Flanged Circular Mountings are a simple, low cost, compression mounting and provide good levels of vibration reduction. The mountings are produced with & without an interleaf metal. The interleaf metal provides increased load capacity. These Rubber Compression mounts are available in various sizes, to suit a wide range of loads upto 2000Kg.

Applications include:- Static Generating Sets, Pumps, & General Static industrial equipment.

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