Instrument & General Purpose

Instrument & General Purpose

"O" Mount

Low Frequency Mounts are designed to provide relatively high deflections under light loads, providing low natural frequency and high levels of isolation – Both Active & Passive. They are an ideal anti vibration mount.

Applications include – Precision equipment, instruments, lightweight equipment, medical equipment, Microscopes, circuit boards, meters & measurement devices. Also typically used as an anti-vibration mount for data loggers.


Small Flanged Mountings provide excellent levels of vibration reduction. They are Low cost & easy to install.

Applications include:- Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Vibratory Screens, and Processing Equipment etc.


Plate Mounts offering high deflections under light loads, ideal for lightweight equipment. Available in both Plate & Pedestal type depending on preferred mounting method. Can be made failsafe by fitting top & bottom washers

Applications include - Lightweight equipment such as fans, HVAC, compressors. They are also used as Anti Vibration Mountings for Aerospace Industry, and mountings equipment to engines.


Pedestal Mounts, identical to the plate mounts, with the inclusion of a steel pedestal for easy of installation. They offer high levels of deflection for relatively light loads. These vibration mounts can be made into a failsafe mount by fitting top & bottom washers.

Applications include - Lightweight equipment such as fans, HVAC, compressors & medical equipment.


Angle Mountings are used in pairs - diametrically opposite to give a low roller frequency and hence improved isolation whilst maintaining good stability of the equipment. Angle mounts are low cost items, offering excellent levels of vibration reduction.

Applications Small portable generator sets & pumps, and general portable equipment.

UU Shear

UU Shear Mountings are designed to load the rubber in shear and thereby provide a soft vertical spring rate. These allows for an excellent level of isolation. These Anti Vibration Mounts are generally produced in Natural Rubber to give optimum performance.

Applications include:- small generators,fans & low speed machines. They are equally suitable for the protection of instruments & apparatus from surrounding shock vibration.

H&V Turret

Turret Mounts - Designed primarily for the HVAC industry, they are a low cost AV product, ideal for static applications. The rubber completely encapsulates the metal parts to avoid corrosion problems. Giving relatively high levels of deflection, Turrent Mounts offer good levels of vibration reduction, even at low running speeds.

Applications Include: HVAC, Fans, and Pumps etc.

Coloured Rubber

Coloured Rubber – Many Anti-Vibration Mountings are available with various coloured rubber. Whilst Black Rubber offers the best mechanical properties, in some instances the AV mounts are required to be manufactured in various colours.

Applications include - Various Industries, including Anti-Vibration mounts for the food industry, where White rubber is used to detect cleanliness & also where contamination of leaching chemicals may be an issue.

HNG Upper & HNG Lower

Suspended Mounts are ideal for hanging or suspending equipment from walls, vertical surfaces, ceilings & supporting structures. The HNG Upper mount is used to accommodate Tensile Mounted Loads at the top fixing of the equipment, whilst the HNG Lower mount is used to accommodate the compressive loads at the bottom of the equipment. These AV mounts are generally used in sets of 4,6,8 etc depending on the size and weight of the equipment.

Applications include:- instrument cabinets, control panels, HVAC equipment etc.

FEM Mount

FEM Turret Mountings – Originally designed for the HVAC industry, this AV Mount is an excellent, low cost product where high loads need to be accommodated. This type of Anti Vibration Mount is ideal for static applications. The rubber completely encapsulates the metal parts to avoid corrosion of the metals.

Applications Include: HVAC, Fans, and Pumps, and anti vibration mountings for weighing equipment.

SF Mount

SF Mount: SF Mountings consist of a bonded rubber section with a void through the rubber, ideal for shock absorption. This type of AV mounting is generally used for shock applications, and also vibration isolation of light weight industrial equipment. During Shock, the void in the rubber collapses, making the SF mounting and excellent shock mount.

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