Sandwich Mounts

Sandwich Mounts


Sandwich Mounts can be loaded in compression, shear or a combination of both by fitting at an angle (ā€œVā€ arrangement). Rubber Sandwich mounts are suitable for various application. Also known as rectangular sandwich mounts, they are manufactured with in integrally bonded interleaf which increases the compressive load capacity.

Applications include:- engine mountings, generator sets, heavy plant & machinery and general Anti Vibration Mounts.

Type SW Mounting

SW Interleaf
SW Interleaf

Type SW mounting is a heavy duty, multi-interleaf, rubber-to-metal bonded mounting. It consists of multiple steel interleafs, with high grade rubber compound bonded onto two heavy duty outer metal fixing plates. This design allows the mounting to withstand large compressive forces with minimum deformation, whilst providing low shear stiffness.

The combination of a low compressed height, high vertical stiffness and low shear stiffness means it is a universal, high performance mounting with uses in many applications. The SW mounting can offer excellent vibration isolation for both static and shock loads in vertical and in shear. This type of mount is available in various sizes, with the largest taking upto 30 Tonnes per mount.

Rail Mount

Rail Mounts, similar to sandwich mountings, can be loaded in compression, shear or a combination of both by fitting at an angle. They can be manufactured in upto 2 meter lengths, and are typically cut to length to suit the application. This is a typical rubber to metal bonded product, which is customised after moulding.

Applications include:- Generator sets, heavy plant & machinery, and general equipment.

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