Silent Marine

Silent Marine

High Capacity

Silent Marine Engine Mounts were originally designed for use with marine propulsion engines and therefore are failsafe and can accommodate thrust, making an ideal Marine Engine Mount. Nowdays Silent Marine Anti Vibration Mountings are popular throughout a wide range of industries. Offering a High Performance, Easy Installation & cost effective solution to reducing vibration. The rubber mountings provides different stiffness’ in each direction, which can provide optimum performance, particularly for I.C. Engines
Silent Marine AV Mounts can also be supplied with Lloyds Approval.

Applications include:- Marine Propulsion engine mounts, Generating Sets, Diesel Engines, Vehicles, Pumps, and Compressors.

Height Adjusters

Height Adjusters - Height Adjusters are used for levelling, alignment & fine adjustments of equipment. The can be used on a wide selection of our AV mounts.

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