Springs & Hangers

Springs & Hangers

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Single Spring

Enclosed Spring Mountings are a high deflection mounting suitable for static applications. They consist of multiple steel coil springs enclosed in a steel cup. The mountings are supplied with an oil resistant antislip pad under the steel base. The Spring Mounts are supplied with top fixing bolt to allow for levelling after installation. They give a maximum deflection of 25mm and upto 99% Vibration Isolation. High deflection (50mm) also available on request. It should be noted, that the mountings are pre-compressed during the assembly process.

Applications Include: air conditioning, Fans, Static Generator sets, Low Speed Equipment.


AV Open Spring Mountings comprise of a single coil spring fixed to a steel base. They provide high levels of deflection, ideal for isolating low speed equipment.

Applications Include: Fans, Air Conditioning Units & Low Speed Equipment.


Rubber Hanger
Small Hanger
Large Hanger

Hangers are available in 2 types. Rubber hangers and Steel coil spring hangers. Rubber Hangers are extremely cost effective, whilst steel coil spring hangers offer high performance.

Applications Include: HVAC, Ducting & Pipework, Exhausts systems etc.

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