Grommet Mounts are a low cost product normally used as a fastening method, such as rubber mounts for panels. They are also ideal for isolating isolate high frequency vibrations. They can be fitted into blind holes or through plates. They are a relatively light duty mountings, and for heavy duty applications the Two-Piece mounts & T-Bush should be considered.

Applications Include: Vehicle & Motorcycle body panels / Fairings, Light weight equipment, electronics etc.

T Bush

T Bushes offer a low cost solution for isolating vibration, reducing structure borne noise & absorbing shock forces for both mobile & static applications. Using overload & rebound washers they provide a fail safe mounting system. The mounting also has the benefit of being low profile. Depending on the installation these mountings can accommodate extremely high G-forces.

Applications Include: Engines, Cabs, Pumps, Fuel Tanks, Radiators, Compressors & Industrial Equipment etc.

Two Piece

Two Piece Mountings are an ideal product for both mobile & static applications for reducing vibration, and allowing flexibility within a system, and are used for reducing stresses on brackets etc. Using washers ensures a failsafe mounting system arrangement. They are available in various sizes, and the rubber 2 piece mountings are ideal for heavy duty applications, particularly where the forces applied may be in both the upwards & downwards direction (vertically).

Applications Include: AV Mountings for Construction Equipment, such as Cab mounts, Engine Mounts etc. Also used in Power Generation, Military Vehicles, Off Road & Agricultural, Industrial Machinery & Equipment.

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