Press Section

Press Section

Efficiency and Productivity

Further to it’s primary function of dewatering and consolidating the sheet to the lowest water content and maximizing paper machine production, the press section needs to provide for an efficient transfer from the forming section to the dryer section. Valmet proudly offers custom solutions for new and rebuilt press sections to maximize dryness and improve efficiency along with a complete family of sub components.

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Press Section
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Customer Testimonials

  • I always know that when I contact the team at Bancroft Western, I will get the information I need in a timely fashion. They are extremely knowledgeable about the products they represent and truly understand the concept of customer service. A great company to deal with.
    - W.J. (Bill) Davidson, Senior Buyer
    Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
  • I have worked with Bancroft Western and Al Parsons for the last 6 years with new mechanical equipment and refurbishing of existing equipment. I have been completely satisfied with the quality of work, timelines, knowledge, and the fast efficient service we at Zellstoff Celgar have received.
    - Murray Sloan, Mechanical Rebuild Specialist, Zellstoff Celgar
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